Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Summer in December

I’ve been in Dubai for 4 days now and it’s scaring me to think that in just a couple more days we’ll be on a plane on our way back home. I really don’t want to come home! I’m having the best time here (although my Christmassy spirit has completely gone). I have so much to share with you so be prepared to be bombarded with photos of my trip so far. 

Flying into Dubai felt like we were being dropped off into the middle of nowhere – the middle of the desert. Which is exactly what Dubai is!

I’ve spent my days here days sunbathing at the beach and eating delicious food. We’re staying at the Atlantis The Palm, which (you guessed it) is located on the palm. 

Sushi at the beach is my idea of heaven. These are prawn tempura and avocado maki rolls with a ton of wasabi and soy sauce.

We were given the opportunity to have a sneak inside one of the honeymoon suites here at The Atlantis. Being home to the worlds largest fish tank, naturally the suite is inside of it! The views of the tank are incredible and if I were to stay in this room I don’t think you’d find me anywhere other than inside the bath watching the stingrays swim past. 

Last night we went to Yuan, a Chinese restaurant within the hotel. We indulged in 10 different dishes! I have honestly never eaten so much in my life, I’m still feeling full now! Every single one was delicious and they all went down a treat. 

Vegetable dim sum, chicken dim sum, and prawn dumplings.

The duck pancakes were my favourite with crispy skin and a perfect sauce to accompany it.

The most tender lamb chops I have ever bitten into. 

I couldn’t stop picking at this beef dish. I definitely got more than my fair share!

Raspberry sorbet. 

‘Chocolate rocks’ which was basically a garden of chocolate complete with moss and soil (it was good I swear).

Dom, Jim, Marcus, Alfie, Zoe, Joe, Tanya, Lucy, Ruth and I after the 10 course meal – we all made our way to our beds after this to nurse our full bellies.

The beaches are beautiful. On our second day here we found a stunning white beach club called Nasimi where you lounge on white double beds with your toes almost touching the water complete with a Pina Colada in one hand and a plate full of sushi in the other. We haven’t really left this beach since we discovered it! 

Today the boys were away filming in the desert so us girls stuck to our favourite place and chilled out on our white beds. 

I forgot how much I loved carrot juice and I fear the addiction may start again! Maybe not until the Summer though – it’s not exactly what you want in England in December sitting around the fire in the freezing cold!

This evening while we watched the sun go down all of us girls enjoyed a cocktail, some served in a whole pineapple.

We had a lovely girlie evening tonight so I’ll definitely be posting a few more times while I’m out here to keep you up to date!
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