Monday, 31 March 2014

Planning A Baby Shower

As many of you know already, my mum is expecting her second child. I’m finally going to have a sibling after nearly 22 years as an only child! 

Mum, look away now and walk away from your computer – I did tell you not to read my blog today!

I decided a few weeks (or even months) ago to throw a baby shower. It was actually my best friend Charlotte, between tears and laughter of excitement, who suggested I plan a baby shower when I called her to tell her the news. Since then I have been busy planning, organising, arranging, shopping, crafting, making and every other activity ending in ‘ing’.

Whether you’re also planning a baby shower, expecting a baby or just plain and simply interested in what exactly a baby shower is, I thought I would show you how I have been planning the shower so far.

As the sex of the baby is being kept a surprise, I have had to keep everything gender neutral and equal amounts of pink and blue.

It’s not called a baby shower for nothing! I started by buying a gift for the mummy-to-be-for-the-second-time. 

I found this gorgeous crochet monkey rattle on Etsy. I bought a white wicker basket to fill with goodies. In there I have put the rattle, a pair of socks in the shape of a rose, a bib in the shape of an ice cream and a labour instant energiser to calm the mother during birth. I’ll try and get a photo at the baby shower on Sunday of mum opening it!

From googling ‘baby shower’ far too many times, one thing kept popping up – a guest book. Personally I thought it was only weddings where you would have a guest book! Nonetheless I knew I had to get one. They were all ridiculously pricey, obviously because it’s such a specific themed book, so I decided to make my own.

Making A Guest Book
I purchased a plain white scrapbook from Hobbycraft for £10
Also from Hobbycraft, I found a beautiful yellow spotted ribbon, a baby feet stamp and some paper daisies.

I took the best looking scan I could find and stuck that onto the book at an angle.

It wasn’t until I was home that I realised that I had actually purchased a stamp to add to the end of a stamping block instead of what I thought was a baby feet sticker! I did still manage to use it by colouring it gold with a metallic pen and quickly pushing it onto the paper.

I stuck the daisies onto the book with craft dots (like double sided sticky tape) and tried my best at italic writing.

I bought these food picks with prams on the top because I think they’ll look sweet stuck into slices of cake. I’m going to buy some battenberg cake and cut them into slices so maybe I’ll stick these food picks into each slice.

Yes, that is a baby pram piƱata you can see below! It should be a bit of fun for everyone taking turns to hit it. I’ve already filled it with sweets in wrappers. Below there’s also confetti to sprinkle on the table around the food, pink and blue balloons, and rock-a-bye baby bunting.

Another game idea I have is to have everyone guess facts about the baby such as the gender, the name and the time of birth. So to make it all a bit prettier than plain paper, I made pram shapes out of card with all the questions to answer written down. I’ve tied yellow ribbon on each one so that when people have completed the card, they hang it on a leaf of a house plant we have with a mini peg. This took me a very loooong time to cut evey single pram out of card!

I’m going to make homemade lemonade served in glass milk bottles and paper straws. The milk bottles will add to the whole baby themed event. I didn’t want to serve milk in them because I don’t think people would have been too impressed, so homemade lemonade is the next best thing!

I’m also going to make homemade cake pops. I’ve never made cake pops before so I’m going to do a trial run this week! I’m also going to film a video on it for my YouTube channel and if the recipe all goes to plan I’ll post that on here too.

Finally, the favours. I know it probably isn’t mandatory to give the guests a little something to take home with them afterwards, but I think everyone will appreciate the gesture. I purchased these old fashioned paper sweet bags and I’m going to fill each one with two macaroons. I’m going to seal the bag with these baby themed stickers.

I hope you liked this post! It is very different to anything else I post about, but hopefully you have found it useful if you too are planning an event like a baby shower. 

I’ve never done anything like this before so wanted to share with you my progress so far. The baby shower is on Sunday and I will make sure I take plenty of photos to share with you! Wish me luck!
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