Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Shoe Closet / Part 2

I’m sorry it has taken so long to get part 2 up! I completely forgot until I was having a rummage through my shoes yesterday and thought I’d post about my favourite heels.

Most of my shoes bring back memories; I remember where I wore every pair, what I wore them with and when.

When I was working in Vogue House during the Summer I had a speedy shopping spree one day along Oxford Street on my lunch break. I returned to the office wearing these white sandals that I found in the New Look sale for something ridiculous like £10. Bargain! If you’re after the real ‘strappy’ look this Summer I’ve found these knee high sandals from ASOS, which are amazing! 

These are without a doubt my favourite heels I own. I bought them from Kurt Geiger (called Gen) for my 20th Birthday as a treat and wore them out that night in Brighton. I have since worn these babies 1000’s of times! Kurt Geiger no longer sell the exact same print of these but they have continued ‘Gen’ through the seasons. Currently these ones are the most similar in the tan but I’ve been eyeing up these for a while! Both are in the sale, which of course is an added bonus. 

These black and yellow block colour wedges were a bit of an impulse buy. I had just finished my final exams in May last year and thought to celebrate I’d hit up the ASOS sale. They’re by Bertie on ASOS but aren’t available anymore. If it’s the black and yellow colour block you like I’ve found these and these but I also found these by Office, which are a plain black wedge. They looked great with a summer dress or I also wore them one evening out for dinner with my mum with skinny jeans and a cami. 

I just love this wine colour. They’re from Miss Selfridge and again, you guessed it, I bought them in the sale at £25! I don’t think I’ve even worn them yet and to be completely honest I forgot I had them but I’m going to have to find an event to wear these to soon. 

These are my number one classic black shoe called ‘Helix’ from Kurt Geiger. I doubt I would’ve made it through University without these! I wore them most nights out because they are SO comfortable and went with everything. Here’s an old pic of my closest friend Charlotte and I in London wearing them (notice she’s also wearing my favourite Gen’s from above!) 

These salmon pink wedges are called ‘Hyacinth’ by Kurt Geiger as well. So many of my shoes are by Kurt Geiger because I used to work there for a couple of years! These ones were my work shoes at some point a couple of years ago so I had to wear them every shift. Believe it or not they’re actually really comfortable and I still wear them a lot now. 

Meet ‘Alfresco’, the first shoe I bought from Kurt Geiger when I first started working there. I wanted these for so long and I remember I wanted them for Valentines day and I just managed to get them in time. My feet have strangely shrunk from a size 38 to a 37 over the years so these are now too big for me (you can see from the gaps at the back). Devastating!

Before I went to Florida in November I decided last minute that I desperately needed some plain black courts. The only ones I could find that I could order with next day delivery were these from I’m so glad I bought them because they’re such a great staple to have in the wardrobe for those times where you have nothing to wear!

These are called ‘Elsie’ from Kurt Geiger again (you can’t blame me for having most of my shoes from there after working there for years!) The most memorable occasion that I wore these to is Royal Ascot in June 2012. 

When you walk wearing these people will get glances of the golden star on the sole. It’s subtle but adds to the beauty of the shoe!

If you want to see Part 1 of my shoe closet you can find it here. The next shoe closet post will be on my casuals! Hope you enjoyed this one!
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