Friday, 20 September 2013

Exploring The Town Of Lewes

I find far too often that I spend time planning and booking holidays away to explore countries around the world, that I forget about exploring my own country. Not only that, but my own County! I live in Sussex, and have recently realised that there are countless amounts of towns, villages and cities within Sussex that I haven’t even heard of (let alone visited!) 

I Am Wearing
Jacket – Label Lab at House of Fraser,
Jeans – Levis, Bag and Boots – Zara

Today Marcus and I decided to venture off and discover the town of Lewes; a whole ground breaking 15 minutes away from my home! How I have never been here before I do not know. It has a typical British heritage feel to it, with cobbled streets lined with antique stores and bakeries filling the air with that only too familiar smell of freshly baked bread. Occasionally there is a waft from the Harvey’s Brewery based just off the High Street – not a smell I’m too fond of but then again I’m not a beer drinker. 

There are picturesque houses hidden behind corners of the side streets with brightly painted doors and rose bushes growing up the sides. I would love to live in a cottage with a red door and red roses surrounding the whole house! In between peering through windows and strolling from antique shop to vintage shop we decided to stop off at Bill’s for lunch. There are many of these restaurant’s around but this one is so sweet with white tables outlining the corner position, each with a bucket of yellow flowers. If you ever happen to be in Lewes I would recommend going and ordering the halloumi and hummus bun with sweet potato fries.

Everywhere we looked seemed to be a person dressed in some sort of coloured striped top. It was like a real life ‘Where’s Wally’! At the end of the day we walked past a pub crowded full of all the people dressed in these stripeS. We still have absolutely no idea what was going on!

I think I might have to start exploring more towns around England. I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

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