Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Courgetti Not Spaghetti

Recently I’ve been reading a lot about courgette spaghetti, which seems to be ‘the thing of the moment’. It’s quite simply a courgette or two sliced into long thin strands making it a great pasta substitute. I read quite a few healthy food blogs, where courgetti seems to be making a regular appearance so I thought I’d give it a try and make my own little recipe. I kind of made it up as I went along using anything I could find in my fridge but it turned out so good I just have to share it with you guys! 

Pan Seared Salmon and Courgetti with Mushrooms and Grilled Tomatoes

Start by roughly chopping any veg of your choice. I chose mushrooms and tomatoes. As I was only cooking for myself (poor lonely me!) I only used 1 courgette, which was perfect. Roughly estimate one courgette per person and then some, so if you’re cooking for 4 I would use 5 courgettes or 6 if your guests are hungry.

The easiest way to make the courgetti is by using a Julienne peeler. I purchased mine from Lakeland for £3.29; best buy of the month! You use it just as you would a normal vegetable peeler but instead it creates thin strands. It only took a minute to peel the whole courgette!

Set the peeled and chopped vegetables aside and scrape a teaspoon amount of coconut oil into a hot pan. You can use whatever oil you prefer but I always use coconut oil as it’s much healthier. Once it’s melted, place the Salmon fillet skin side down. It’ll only take 10-12 minutes to cook so after 5 minutes turn it over onto the other side. 

Now for my famous grilled tomatoes! My family love it when I make these. It’s so simple to make but they’re so delicious and perfect to accompany any meal. In the summer I love these with a salad and barbecued chicken or mixed into quinoa. Turn your grill onto full power and slice a handful of cherry tomatoes in half. Place them on your tray (it gets quite sticky so place tin foil over the tray first) and season with rock salt and cracked peppercorns. Then drip over some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and place them in the grill. They’ll be done around the same time the salmon is cooked. 

Pan fry the mushrooms in a pan for a couple of minutes, again using a dollop of coconut oil and then chuck in all of the courgetti with a drop of lemon juice to give it a slight tang. It only takes a minute or two, you don’t want the courgettes to get mushy because they’ll release a lot of water. If you prefer, you can boil the vegetables or even have them raw. 

Once the tomatoes are looking deliciously squidgy mix them into the pan with the courgette and mushrooms. I would now recommend draining the water out of the pan that the courgettes have made. I unfortunately was far too hungry to bother so plated it all up straight away; I need to have a little patience! Grate over some hard cheese such as parmesan and place the salmon over the top.

Give it a go! The best thing about this recipe is that as long as you have courgettes, you can create your own recipe by adding in whatever you like. You could add grilled chicken or halloumi cheese or even have the courgetti on its own with pesto. Many of the recipes I have read recently have had a tomato pasta sauce with meatballs, which is next on my list. 

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