Monday, 18 November 2013

Cast A Christmas Spell

Last week I attended a Christmas party at the Harry Potter studios organised by Gleam Digital. Despite not being one of the ‘die hard fans’ of the books and films I was overly excited and was curious to see if I could be turned. 

I Am Wearing
Dress – Needle & Thread

It was a pleasure meeting you Fang!

And you too Hedwig.

Being a chocoholic I wanted to dive straight into this Chocolate Feast; whether it was real or not.

I was amazed to be told that all the drawers located in Dumbledore’s office are all realistically filled including sealed letters containing handwritten letters even though they were never actually shown in the movies. I feel very, VERY sorry for the person who must’ve spent hours writing all of these!

Halfway through the tour we were led outside where we drank butter beer on Privet Drive, right outside Harry Potters house.

What are you laughing at? Do I have something on my face?

Just taking a quick trip to Gringotts bank and then a stroll along Diagon Alley…

And here’s the whole group!

Thank you Crookshanks for our Christmas presents! 

Where better to pose with the lovely Tanya than in front of a white Christmas tree to get us into the Christmas spirit. 

Before tucking into the dinner we all chose a cocktail at the bar. I went for a dry ice martini, which overflowed with smoke (OK dry ice, I know) with golden flakes sprinkled on the top. 

It was lovely to meet the beautiful Rose (better known as The Londoner). 

I have to admit that since the party on Thursday night I have already started watching the Harry Potter films again. I think I may have turned into a major fan. 
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