Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Camden Lock Market

I have explored many areas of London but until recently Camden was not one of them. Being a market enthusiast I’ve always wanted to visit Camden Lock Market, and so last week I did just that. 

I Am Wearing
Top – Primark, Necklace and Earrings – Tiffany & Co,
Lipstick – Barry M 

First things first, I had to start the day off by dropping by Kurt Geiger in Covent Garden to buy a pair of boots that I’ve been lusting after (I bought Sebastien and Louis, let me know what you think). I was in London after all – it would have been rude not to.

I didn’t exactly pick the best day to go to Camden what with the gail force winds and pouring rain but at least it wasn’t as busy as it normally would be!

I’d read about this little place, inSpiral, a vegan cafe that appreciates good organic food. I’m all about eating as clean as possible, and the food here is so delicious you wouldn’t even know it’s vegan (I know a lot of people run away when they see the word ‘vegan’ when they’re true meat eaters!)

It’s a very laid back, casual cafe where you pick your food from the counter and then find a table somewhere in the small seating area. Try to grab a table with a view of the canal if you can! Marcus and I weren’t so lucky and aren’t the patient types to wait for one to become free so we perched ourselves in the corner and tucked into our food.

I chose a courgette risotto with a side salad. Marcus, after much deliberating, decided on a mushroom and lentil burger type thing. He doesn’t even like mushrooms but it totally won him over!

They even had my favourite coconut water.

After lunch we braved it back outside into the streets to wander around.

After taking a few photos in a Photo Booth, having a giggle about people eating their lunch on motorbikes, and shouting at the umbrella for turning inside out every few seconds (I hate it when that happens!) we decided it was time to go home. I had such a fun time even if it was a miserable day when most people were keeping inside snuggled up next to a fire. But it’s days like these that I love most; where despite the circumstances you can still have a great time.

I Am Wearing
Coat – H&M (old), Jeans – Primark, Boots – Stuart Weitzman,
Bag – Warehouse

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