Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bonjour Hola Ciao and Hello

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog!

I’ve been planning to write my own blog for quite some time now, so as I’ve just graduated from university and I am home from my two month trip to America, now seems like the perfect time to start. So back to basics – I’m Niomi Smart, 21 years old and live in West Sussex. After 5 years of studying law, I’ve decided to move on from that and actually start living! I am currently interning with Tatler magazine at Vogue House in London for a few weeks, which has been absolutely amazing, but I will explain that in more detail at another time.

As a self confessed shopaholic – especially when it comes to shoes as you’ll soon discover! – I will include all my favourite trends and current styles, but it will be broadly lifestyle based about anything and everything, from what I’m wearing to what I’m doing and generally what I’m loving. I’m excited about getting this going finally…

I really hope you like it!

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