Friday, 28 February 2014

Smokin’ Tiramisu, Bohemia Style

Last week my cousins Betty and Arabella were free from school due to half term, the lucky devils. I picked them up in the morning and whisked them off for a day of fun; reading at the library (not so fun for Arabella), lunch (not so fun for Betty) and dressing up at Grandma’s house (fun for all!)

Meet Betty. We started off at her favourite place – the Jubilee Library in Brighton.

And here’s Arabella with Betty.

Determined not to let the rain spoil our day we marched across town, kitted out in rain coats and umbrellas until we arrived at our favourite place for lunch – Bohemia. Betty even nearly took off a few times here and there like Mary Poppins with her umbrella.

Fish Cakes – YUM

Betty ordered the Macaroni Cheese. It was so good she had to fight off Bella and I with our intruding forks to get a mouthful.

And Arabella, with no need to look at the menu, ordered the Fish and Chips presented in the Bohemia Newspaper.

Just as we were about to pile on our layers of soggy coats, three tiramisu’s were being brought over our way. We all stopped and stared on in envy, thinking they were for the people next to us but to our surprise they were for us! My mum had ordered them for us as a surprise. Next thing we knew our table flooded with smoke from the desserts – there’s dry ice in a glass container underneath the tiramisu bowl so if you pour cold water onto it all the smoke emerges. It looked beautiful as soon as the smoke slowly dispersed, where you could see a glimmer of the pink raspberries on top. 

The rain finally got the better of us so we went back to our Grandmothers house. Sorry if you’re reading this from Florida Grandma, but we raided your wardrobe for your old ball gowns to prance around in! I used to do this when I was Betty’s age so I knew she would love it, trying on all of the pretty shoes and dresses that only adults can wear. 

She may have to wait a few more years to fit into them…

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Last Day in Edinburgh

It seems like ages ago I was enjoying the last few hours in Edinburgh. Looking back at these photos is making me miss it even more!

If you read my post of the second day in Edinburgh you’ll know that Marcus and I quenched our thirst with a few cocktails after a long day exploring the highlands, so Sunday saw no early rise. Amarone is a restaurant we stumbled upon in the morning, looking like a place that could serve a mean cappuccino. It did not disappoint…

I Am Wearing
Coat – Jack Wills, Scarf – H&MBoots – Stuart Weitzman,
My bag is from a market in Spain last year (sorry!)
After breakfast we walked all the way up the hill to Edinburgh Castle to walk off our breakfast.

The castle is stunning with panoramic views of Edinburgh.

I truly fell in love with you Edinburgh. I hope to visit you again soon!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Cat Hat

This whole look is simple, uncomplicated and I love it. 

I mixed a casual striped jumper, ripped jeans and a beanie with stiletto heels and a colour splash of an orange duffle bag. It can be easily thrown together; grab a beanie (I especially love this cat hat), a plain-ish jumper with jeans and you’re staple black pair of heels. You’re good to go. Simple as that.

Perfect for a lunch or a casual date without looking like you’ve made too much effort. I also adore this bright orange lipstick from Topshop. Usually I’d go for red lips but with the orange bag there would’ve been a major colour clash going on.

I Am Wearing
Jumper – ASOS, Jeans – Only, Beanie – ASOS,
Bag – Topshop, Shoes – ShoeBou,
Lipstick – Lousie Gray for Topshop

This striped jumper has elbow patches in the shape of hearts – It really doesn’t get cuter than that.

Plain black and white outfits can look a little bland, so I always accessorise with a bold bright colour to throw in some contrast and mix it up.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Highland Explorers

Only being in Scotland for a couple of nights, Marcus and I felt we had to really make the most of it. I’d never been before so wanted to see as much as I could. We decided to take a tour that takes you around the Highlands on a bus for the day where you visit numerous towns around Scotland including Glen Coe and Stirling. Edinburgh is absolutely beautiful but it was nice to see other parts of Scotland.

Waking up at the crack of dawn, we made our way to the pick-up point. At this time in the morning, these stairs are the last thing you want to climb! We had no choice so made the trek upwards. 

I Am Wearing
Jumper – H&M, Scarf – H&M, Leggings – Topshop,
Boots – Stuart Weitzman

We stopped off at various cafe’s and lay-bys along the way with breathtaking views. I always get excited when I see snow topped mountains! I apologise for the amount of photos in this post – I got a little snap happy with all the views. I’m also not entirely sure of the exact location of each one because we visited so many different places but here’s the link to the trip we did.

Spending 9 hours on a bus leads to a few pictures like this…

The journey was long, I’ll be honest. The views were undoubtably incredible but after a few hours the novelty wears off slightly so I gave in and rested my heavy eyes for a while.

Along the way we were told stories of the sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, Nessie. Of course it’s a myth but it was so exciting when we finally arrived at Loch Ness. You could tell everyone was secretly searching the waters for the monster.

Loch Ness

I found Nessie!

When the tour was coming to an end we were running ahead of schedule so the driver decided to take us on a detour to see the Forth Bridge. 

That evening we stayed in the hotel, Le Monde, for a bite to eat and a few cocktails. Hey it was Valentine’s Weekend after all! The hotel has numerous bars and also a nightclub that we checked out but only stayed a little while because we were so exhausted from the 11 hour tour we’d been on.