Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Shoe Closet / Part 1

It’s no secret that I am totally shoe obsessed. I wanted to share with you what exactly exists in my shoe closet and I have handpicked a few of my favourites to show you. 

I partly blame this ‘obsession’ on working at Kurt Geiger, a designer footwear company. Being surrounded by people trying on shoes all day makes it hard to resist buying them at the end! As a result, most of my shoes and boots are now from Kurt Geiger, purely because I know what a difference good-quality shoes make. I have thrown out most of my old cheapies that I wore to death while I was at uni (they were all synthetic, uncomfortable and weren’t much to look at!) Every year there’s usually a few pairs that I know I have stopped wearing and so I have a huge clear out and throw away the ugly ones and give the pretty ones to charity, so that then I’m left with only shoes that I actually wear. This makes it so much easier picking what to wear in the mornings! Although I hate it when certain things come back into fashion AFTER you have thrown it away. 

Instead of bombarding you with a massive post on all my shoes I thought I’d break it down into three categories; boots, heels, and casuals. The first part of my shoe closet tour is boots. Now is the time of year where everyone is on the hunt for the perfect boot so hopefully by sharing with you some of my favourites it will help you along with your mission! Some of these boots will no longer be on sale so in some cases I won’t be able to give you a link to the exact pair but I’ll do my best to find a similar pair.

You may have noticed that I only have ankle boots rather than tall boots. I am absolutely in love with tall boots and I think they look great with a big winter coat but annoyingly I have frustratingly skinny shins meaning no tall boots fit me. This season the top of my wishlist is over the knee boots and for the first time ever I have actually found some that fit like a glove! They’re the Stuart Weitzman ’50/50 at Russell & Bromley and have gone straight to the top of my Christmas list. Why does Christmas have to be in December and not the beginning of the season?!

These are my Jeffrey Campbell lookalikes. They are KG by Kurt Geiger called ‘Sara’ and I got them when they went into the sale last year. 

At first I thought they were way too chunky and I didn’t wear them at all but I’ve got used to them now. They look amazing with a skater dress or skirt. These ones are the original Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita’ boots, which are similar to my ones. 

I have lived in these chelsea boots since I bought them a few weeks ago from Zara! They are so comfortable and the wine colour goes well with pretty much everything. 

I like that the wine colour is subtle and the heel is a perfect height for day time. This is the perfect everyday boot. Find them here

Say hello to the latest addition to my boot collection – ‘Shilling’ by Carvela at Kurt Geiger. They are quickly becoming my favourites! I just can’t get enough of the cut out sides at the moment, they’re so flattering, especially these particular ones. 

I love the cross over of the straps at the front and they’re surprisingly comfortable. I love them so much that I don’t want to wear them incase I ruin them! It’s just going to have to be a case of smothering these with protector spray I guess!

I bought these tan ankle cowboy boots about three years ago at Bershka at the Westfields shopping centre when I was Christmas shopping (well meant to be anyway!) Most of my boots are black so tan makes a change. Tan also looks great with blue jeans and I tend to wear mine with a tan handbag too.

Bershka have continued to bring out a similar pair every year always with slight changes. You can find this years version here

As you can tell I could talk forever about shoes! I’d love to know which ones you like best so let me know in the comments below (I read all of them). 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Fox Goes Free

I Am Wearing
Top, Trousers and Sunglasses – all H&M

With the rain due to hit us hard (today being a perfect example), Marcus and I decided to make the most of the last of the sunshine and go on a walk in Charlton a couple of days ago. No, I’d never heard of it either. It’s a quaint little village surrounded by incredible views of the Sussex countryside. 

We stopped off at the local pub, The Fox Goes Free, to fuel our bodies before we went trekking off into the fields. The pub is exactly what you would expect from a quiet Sussex village: low beams in rooms with exposed brickwork walls giving it the traditional old fashioned character and charm.

There is a typical ‘pub food’ menu but the food exceeded our expectations. Everything is presented beautifully and tasted delicious! I ordered the tomato and onion tart with grilled halloumi (I seem to be turning veggie at the moment!) and Marcus tucked into a lasagne with the most perfect chips – soft and fluffy on the inside but crisp on the outside.

If you are ever passing through the area I would recommend you popping into this gem of a pub, it’s well worth a visit. 

Kitted out in my impressive walking boots, which haven’t seen the light of day in over 4 years since we went to Ireland, we started our walk across a steep field, which quite honestly would have been enough walking for me!

The views were incredible, so I stopped my moaning after that. 

After stopping for a break half way through the walk, we noticed huge trees around us with thick low branches. Our inner child broke free and we both decided to see who could climb the highest. I didn’t get very far and was quite happy to sit comfortably on one of the branches for a while! 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Black, White and Bright

A bright orange coat – what could possibly go wrong?

Okay, so I guess worn with items just as eye-blindingly bright could be very wrong. But with simple black and white underneath we’re definitely on to a winner.

I Am Wearing
Coat – Reiss, High Neck Top – Asos, Jumper – Zara,
Skirt – USC, Hat – Miss Selfridge,
Boots – Kurt Geiger,
Lips – MAC Cosmetics (in Morange)

I found the coral coloured coat looked at its best with black boots and a dog-tooth jumper over a black skater skirt. Why choose between monochrome or brights when they look great together! 

The monochrome jumper and the bright straight coat are bold pieces, so I toned the look down with a plain black floppy hat and my all time favourite black boots. They may have been worn to death but I still can’t get enough of them! They literally go with anything and everything.

Phoebe joined in the fun and wanted to be the centre of attention as always! I gave in and let her pose away for the camera. Fifi went missing just after these photos were taken a few days ago but fingers crossed she’ll turn up.

I wore a high neck crop top underneath the dog-tooth jumper to add more depth – it is Autumn after all, which is the season for layering! Be creative with your clothes. You may have tops in your wardrobe that you NEVER wear (I know I do), but look at them in a different way and ask yourself if they can be worn underneath or over another top or jumper. It’ll soon become your favourite item once you find a new way to wear it!