Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Weather Leather

When I was on the hunt for a real leather skirt the place that instantly came to mind was AllSaints. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of faux leather from the likes of H&M and New Look, but my wardrobe was craving a little more ‘realness’ instead of ‘plasticy’ PVC. The leather creates an edge to the sophisticated pencil skirt; biker meets high society meets gothic glamour.

I Am Wearing
Skirt – Allsaints, Top – Topshop,
Bag – Asos, Heels – River Island,
Lipstick – MAC Cosmetics (in Dare You),
Nail Colour – Nails Inc (in Cambridge Terrace)

Leather can so often be a plain, block piece of material in boring browns and blacks, but I prefer details. Buckles, zips or simply just a different shape or cut make it so much more interesting and appealing.

With the split on the side and the bold zip detail I decided to wear it with a silky strappy top in a pale grey with silver accessories. Let the skirt do the talking!

Autumn is the time to wear this look before it gets too cold and the tights get pulled out from the back of our drawers! You could still wear this outfit with tights. However with the split on the side it is made to wear with bare legs. 

I also found some similar options that won’t break the bank as much herehere and here.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Exploring The Town Of Lewes

I find far too often that I spend time planning and booking holidays away to explore countries around the world, that I forget about exploring my own country. Not only that, but my own County! I live in Sussex, and have recently realised that there are countless amounts of towns, villages and cities within Sussex that I haven’t even heard of (let alone visited!) 

I Am Wearing
Jacket – Label Lab at House of Fraser,
Jeans – Levis, Bag and Boots – Zara

Today Marcus and I decided to venture off and discover the town of Lewes; a whole ground breaking 15 minutes away from my home! How I have never been here before I do not know. It has a typical British heritage feel to it, with cobbled streets lined with antique stores and bakeries filling the air with that only too familiar smell of freshly baked bread. Occasionally there is a waft from the Harvey’s Brewery based just off the High Street – not a smell I’m too fond of but then again I’m not a beer drinker. 

There are picturesque houses hidden behind corners of the side streets with brightly painted doors and rose bushes growing up the sides. I would love to live in a cottage with a red door and red roses surrounding the whole house! In between peering through windows and strolling from antique shop to vintage shop we decided to stop off at Bill’s for lunch. There are many of these restaurant’s around but this one is so sweet with white tables outlining the corner position, each with a bucket of yellow flowers. If you ever happen to be in Lewes I would recommend going and ordering the halloumi and hummus bun with sweet potato fries.

Everywhere we looked seemed to be a person dressed in some sort of coloured striped top. It was like a real life ‘Where’s Wally’! At the end of the day we walked past a pub crowded full of all the people dressed in these stripeS. We still have absolutely no idea what was going on!

I think I might have to start exploring more towns around England. I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Vanilla Cheesecake with a Blackberry and Mint Compote 

I try to eat as healthy as possible, but when it comes to desserts, chocolate – or anything sweet come to think of it – I just can’t resist. My all time favourite is cheesecake. If there’s cheesecake on the menu, that’s it I’ve got to have it! You’d think that I’d be a pro at making them but I’ve got to admit I have NEVER made a cheesecake before! This is an absolute first for me and I hope you like this recipe. 

My garden has been overflowing with blackberries so I decided to make use of the last few by making a vanilla cheesecake with a blackberry compote. This recipe is so unbelievably easy and quick to make, meaning there is no particular skill required! Anyone (and I really mean anyone) can make this incredibly delicious dessert either for an occasion or simply because you fancy a bit of cheesecake – which was the case for me! This will make 6 individual cheesecakes, but alternatively you can make just one larger one (bear in mind the cooking times will differ).

Start off by making the compote. This can even be made a couple of days before so if you get a bit bored after this part you can always save it in the fridge and continue to make the cheesecake a couple of days later! I picked all the blackberries I could find and also the mint that’s growing too. 

I Am Wearing
Top – Zara, Skirt – Zara, Wellies – Hunter
Heat the blackberries, icing sugar, lemon juice and water in a pan and boil for three to four minutes. Let this cool, then cover and leave in the fridge. Easier than you thought, ey?!

Now on to the cheesecake. Preheat the oven to 180°C and grease the individual tins. It’s time to crush the biscuits! Place the digestives in a bag (I just used a large sandwich bag) and cover with a tea towel. Take your rolling pin and bash them as much as you like until they are crumbs – also a great anger relief. 

Mix the biscuit crumbs with the melted butter and spoon into the base of the tins. Make sure to press down with the back of the spoon so that the base is firm and solid. We definitely do not want a crumbly base!

In a large mixing bowl add the cream, eggs and caster sugar. Remove the seeds from the two vanilla pods and then also add to the bowl and mix. Real vanilla pod seeds are so fragrant and taste amazing, but if you can’t find any you can use vanilla essence instead. 

Now add the cream cheese. I decided to use Light Philadelphia to minimise the calories and fat content but feel free to use full fat if you prefer! Beat the mixture until it is silky smooth.  

Pour the mixture into the tins over the biscuit bases, and bake for 30 minutes in the preheated oven. After the 30 minutes, turn the oven off but leave the cheesecakes there to bake out for around 10 minutes further with the oven door open. Don’t they look delish?! The cheesecakes will then need to cool down on a cooling rack. 

While they are cooling, roughly chop the mint and mix into the blackberry compote that you made earlier. Serve the cheesecakes with a drizzle of the scrumlicious compote with a sprig of mint on the top for prettiness… Voila! The perfect, easiest cheesecake you have ever made. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Back With A Jump

I’ve always thought of jumper dresses as something mums wear at home on the weekends; Not something I would personally choose to wear, especially for an evening occasion.

But Behold!

A new species of jumper dresses have emerged! All I am seeing at the moment when online shopping is ‘jersey dresses’, ‘cotton dresses’, ‘woollen dresses’, ‘knitted dresses’ (the list goes on), and I have been surprised at how a few changes to a simple item can make such a huge difference. Designers such as Isabel Marant have shown us their AW13 takes on the reputable ‘dull’ dress, converting them into the new ‘IT’ dress by adding sheer materials or developing different cuts. The high street have been quick on the trend, producing the new generation of these dresses that I’m sure are going to be one of the main features of London Fashion Week starting Friday.  

I found this particular one at French Connection; the ‘Dotty Ditton Jersey Dress’. The sheer polka dot sleeves add a feminine elegance, allowing the dress to be adapted easily through day to night. I paired it with simple black heels and an oversized, brightly coloured clutch bag. Adding a thin belt also cinches in the waist, creating more shape. To wear this dress during the day, simply pair with trainers or boots and a shoulder bag. It couldn’t be simpler!

I Am Wearing
Dress – French Connection,  Belt – Topshop

Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Clutch – American Apparel
Earrings – Accessorize
Earrings – Topshop,
Necklace Bag and Trainers all Kurt Geiger
Trainers – Kurt Geiger

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Not So 9 To 5

Having just completed 6 weeks working for a prestigious fashion magazine, I felt I couldn’t bypass the opportunity to write about it and share my experience with you. I was out of the office and in different departments for most of the days, which was so exciting to say the least! Days included meeting clients at press events and afternoon teas, attending fashion and jewellery shoots, and sorting through clothes for the shoots in the fashion closet (by ‘closet’ I mean a room full of vintage couture, Christian Louboutin and Chanel – an absolute dream!) 

Here are a handful of the looks that I chose during my time working in August. It took me so long deciding what to wear every morning because if there’s anywhere you’re going to be judged upon what you’re wearing, it’ll be at the world’s largest fashion publications’ work place! I opted for high fashion looks but tried to keep it smart at the same time, keeping to current season trends.
I Am Wearing
Top – H&M, Skirt – French Connection, Shoes – Aldo
I am currently having a bit of a love affair with full midi skirts! Be prepared for these skirts to be EVERYWHERE this Autumn. I love pairing them with a simple top and strappy heels. 

I Am Wearing
Dress – French Connection, Shoes – New Look, Bag – Longchamp
This dress could potentially be ‘too styled’ for my liking but I love the shape and the design. And not forgetting the shoes! These are the latest addition to my rapidly expanding collection, but have nonetheless been given my full attention. Being white they are so easy to wear with most outfits and I love how they rise above the ankle making them a true statement shoe.

I Am Wearing
Dress – United Colors of Benetton, Bag – Warehouse, Sunglasses and shoes – H&M

As we are approaching the end of the summer I decided to whip this summer dress out of the wardrobe before it’s too late. I’m not usually a fan of these colours but the lacey material is right up my street especially with the tan accessories.

I Am Wearing
Top – Warehouse, Skirt – Zara, Boots – Office, Necklace – Kurt Geiger

This is my ultimate bargain outfit. Everything shown here I have recently found in the sales (get down to the shops before the sales end!) I’m a fan of making something out of nothing by styling different items together. Due to the detail of the top, I paired it with a simple black asymmetric skirt and ankle boots.